Fast, Efficient Mold Design in the Cloud

Discover the power of 3D mold design in the cloud with an intuitive, purpose-built set of tools that streamlines the creation of mold core, cavity and inserts. Quickly design molds directly in your browser and reduce time to market by utilizing the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which connects teams and their respective data in one convenient location. The 3D Mold Creator role enables part designers and mold makers to work concurrently on the same project.

Unmatched Speed

Blazing fast, with 3D Mold Creator, part designers and mold makers can create mold core, cavity, and inserts in minutes. Create and iterate designs in just a few clicks.

Manufacture Ready

From design to the shop floor-3D Mold Creator enables you to make precise designs, ensuring design intent is clear for the part maker and ready for manufacturing and 3D printing.

Always Up to Date

With 3DEXPERIENCE Works design roles running on the cloud, your software is always up-to-date and so is your team. Access 3D Mold Creator anywhere, anytime, from any device to connect or be creative.

Specialized Functionality Just for You

3D Mold Creator is equipped with mold design capabilities that cut design time from hours to minutes. Highlights include:

  • Tailored mold design interface allows users to quickly and easily build models using intuitive mold design features
  • The ability to check for draft and undercuts to ensure proper mold function and eliminate mold lockup
  • Automatic and interactive creation of parting lines, shutoff surfaces, parting surfaces, and mold splitting
  • Fast creation of mold core, cavity and inserts. Export mold components for manufacturing

Discover Mold Design Workflow Intelligence

3DEXPERIENCE Works roles are all about the experience. Built-in mold design workflow intelligence provides an interactive and fun experience that:

  • Automatically steers you to the next feature necessary to complete the mold design process
  • Provides automated and interactive workflows, speeding up mold design. Single modeling environment saves time
  • Displays intelligent messaging that notifies you if you have missed a step in the process and offers a shortcut to complete it
  • Helps guide new users through the creation of mold tooling and speeds the design process for experienced users

Smooth Operator

3DEXPERIENCE Works cloud solutions work together seamlessly, simplifying data management and collaboration across the entire team. Benefits include:

  • Clearly communicate and speed up collaboration with part makers to sort out issues before parts go to manufacturing
  • Provides an integrated, easy-to-use process with automatic data management with built-in revision control and branching
  • Manage the lifecycle of multiple types of content, including 3D design files and simulation models
  • Store all your design data in a centralized, secure location in the cloud. Reduces IT costs, software maintenance



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