CABINET VISION makes it simple for furniture, woodworking, or casegood manufacturers of all sizes to play to their strengths, by using a single, fully modular software package to go from design to manufacture.

With CABINET VISION you buy only the features you need. This allows you to evolve and grow your software usage in line with your business, making CABINET VISION highly scalable and cost-effective.

Enhanced usability makes it even easier to visualise and efficiently perform a full range of tasks, while responding to changing design requirements, whether making high-end bespoke pieces or basic elements.

Fast, practical and precise, CABINET VISION excels at rapidly and seamlessly converting designs into all the information you need on the factory floor to manage manufacturing process. And an intuitively simple parametric function means you can capitalise on previous bespoke designs by resizing elements without reprogramming. The result is a faithful reproduction of designs and the reduction of both time-consuming processes and human error.

CABINET VISION also enables you to support sales with features that include the production of professional reports that help customers understand and visualise the scope of services as well as the end product.

The building blocks of a successful woodworking business

CABINET VISION provides you with a choice of core components that enable you to enhance productivity and improve quality and customer service within your chosen specialism..Each core component provides layout, cut listing, basic rendering and primary estimating functions.

Once you have chosen the core package that suits your needs, you can then opt to add specific modules, known as multipliers, in line with your individual manufacturing processes, business focus, customer requirements and employee growth plans. Further additions are also available to enhance the capability of each multiplier, depending on the depth of functionality you seek.

CABINET VISION has the following features:

Core Cabinets

Core Cabinets is one of the central components of CABINET VISION. Intuitively easy-to-use, it allows you to create on-screen three-dimensional presentations of the final product while simultaneously generating the necessary production information for the shop floor.

Core Closets

Core Closets is a core element of CABINET VISION, providing you with all the essential tools for manufacturing closets. Designed for ease-of-use, Core Closets enables the creation of on-screen three-dimensional presentations of the final product while at the same time generating the production information required on the shop floor.


CABINET VISION DesignCABINET VISION Design supports sales and profitability by creating professional, accurate designs, renderings and pricing estimates.


Creating accurately annotated drawings with the x2D CAD multiplier makes it simpler to communicate design intent to architects and contractors. x2D CAD comes with a host of tools and capabilities, including the automatic updating of part information from the live drawing.


The xBidding multiplier is a simple yet powerful tool that accurately generates bid data so that you can put forward bids that are both competitive and profitable. xBidding performs a complex calculation based on the material, labour and other costs of the final engineered product, thereby giving you a clear indication of your room for negotiation on price.


The xCountertop multiplier is fully integrated with CABINET VISION, making it possible for you to configure countertop construction with the same Assembly Manager interface used for cabinets, closets, and drawers.


The xCRM multiplier makes it easy for you to create and manage your customer contact lists and related jobs. With xCRM it is simple to seamlessly track revisions to customers' jobs, ensuring final products accurately match your customers' expectation while saving time on searches.


xMachiningxMachining is the most flexible, powerful and automated CNC software in the woodworking market. Operating with a full range of machines, including CNC routers, drill and dowel, chop saws, panel saws, haunching machines and edgebanders.


xOptimizerThe Panel Optimizer multiplier is ideal if you are seeking to maximise material yield and reduce waste. It also increases output by eliminating the need to calculate patterns manually.


The xRendering multiplier gives you an important competitive advantage by creating photorealistic renderings in minutes, using the latest rendering technology.


xReportingxReporting gives you access to over 150 predefined reports as well as a custom report editor, making it easy to share clear, concise information with the relevant departments throughout your business.


xShapingNot all jobs involve right angles. Wall angles, floor levels and customer preferences can pose irregular shaping challenges. xShaping provides the capability to parametrically shape assemblies, parts, and routes utilising both simple and advanced constraints.



Our solutions enable you and your team to quickly transform new ideas into great products.

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