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NCnet DNC system transfers programs between a PC and multiple CNC machines through a wired or wireless network. It supports drip feed for die milling.

What you can do with NCnet

  • Transfer programs in seconds
  • Reduce machine downtime for program transfer
  • Enable program transfer in second and third shifts
  • Latest proven program is automatically transmitted to machine
  • Prevent mixing of proven and trial programs
  • Do die milling with drip feed
  • Reduce accidental deletion and overwriting of programs
  • Reduce part rejections due to outdated programs
  • Restrict physical access to PC containing programs

NCnet Lite

  • Works with 1 machine.
  • Genuinely free, no strings attached.
  • 200000 users worldwide.
  • Connects to the COM (RS232) port of machines.
  • Comes with cable and parameter details for all popular controls.
  • Feel free to copy and distribute it to your friends.