Top-notch standard solution for NC milling by optimized database

To survive in mold industry?

Fast delivery & good quality / deficit by time & quality

Cost = 100.000$, Delivery = 7days, Quality = ACost = 150.000$ , Delivery = 10days , Quality = B
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Mold delivery and quality are affected by how fast and good in NC milling. NC milling totally depends on CAM data and engineer’s skill and experiences. This causes big difference in quality and time, and there is big limit in CAM functions.

System with Data Base

Set up data base based on material, tool, equipment, and company trait.

How to use NCBrain

NCBrain main functions

Main functions by best Data Base automatically

Feedrate control, toolpath creation, air cut delete

After 1 simple Simulation, more than 30 functions are realized such as feed rate control, time reduction, automatic tool path addition on overload area, prevention of tool breakage etc. This makes it possible to do fast and safe NC milling even at night without stopping by ATC.

Effectiveness of NCBrain & Faculty of NCBrain

Effectiveness of NCBrain
  • - Reduction of milling time by optimized terms & upward Run@rate by continuous ATC use
  • - Prevention of tool breakage & easy process control by optimized milling information
  • - Quick ROI & easy, immediate manipulation
    Faculty of NCBrain
  • - Best ideal database for NC milling by various tools specification
  • - Automatic Feedrate & RPM control by automatic load calculation
  • - Automatic toolpath addition for excessive load to cut
  • - Automatic aircut delete for empty & little load to cut
  • - More than 30 functions autualized after 1 simple simulation

Profit rate by CNC numbers per year

customers & application

Appox.1000 clients 4000 COPY From Top Global company to small company, using our S/W

The best optimized system used in electronics, car, mobile variety product of press, mold, die-casting and blow-mold by NC machining part with data base.