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Productivity Monitoring System

LEANworks is a software framework that can be customized to your exact needs for unmanned collection and reporting of data from machines. It measures downtime and makes shopfloor losses visible to the top-floor. You can reduce machine down time by as much as 30%.

LEANworks automatically generates TPM, OEE and other key performance reports

What you can do with LEANworks

  • Keep track of production quantity.
  • Improve machine availability.
  • Get production data on email or desktop.
  • Track and improve OEE.
  • Reduce machine breakdowns.
  • Identify and remove causes of idle times.
  • Get alerts on SMS, respond before a crisis occurs.

Standard and customised reports

  • Reports on email or on desktop or web.
  • Hourly parts count from each machine.
  • Graphical and tabular report formats.
  • Machine downtime analysis.
  • TPM parameters – OEE, A, P, Q.
  • Maintenance reports – downtime, MTBF, MTTR.

Get alerts for critical events on mobile or email

  • Production shortfall.
  • Abnormal rejection rate.
  • Machine breakdown.
  • Operator absent.

Use standard off-the-shelf hardware for data capture

  • Easy to source and maintain, cost effective.
  • Use wired or wireless network.
  • Use Barcode, RFID, Tablets, etc. as input devices.